This year's art-MUS 2020 fair is also attended by many renowned Slovenian artists and several Slovenian sales galleries. ART-MUS 2020 will supplement part of the basic activity with the upgrade of the online sale of works of art.

ART - MUS has been operating for the sixth year, it is about the promotion of many renowned Slovenian artists and the national promotion of contemporary Slovenian and also international visual arts. Of key importance for the establishment of contemporary art and, with it, sales opportunities, is above all visibility in the presence of authors on the art market, especially the domestic one, which is still developing.

We connect diverse artistic actors, art appreciators, critics, artists, gallerists, collectors, lovers, art historians, students and schoolchildren, as we want to promote and encourage the sale of many renowned Slovenian artists and the national promotion of contemporary Slovenian and also international visual arts.

Every year, the fair is held in a relaxed atmosphere with interesting professional-artistic discussions that connect visitors and the artists present. This year, unfortunately, due to the epidemic, we will be physically disabled, but we will try to bring you artists, artists and artists from studios, as well as experts with videos, which will be streamed live via the social networks fb and also the youtube channel.

The art fair art-MUS brings a special novelty in Slovenia, as it is the only art fair in which many renowned artists and also diverse private galleries from different parts of Slovenia participate. The history of the art fair is very rich, as there is already a website art-MUS.si, which includes the presentation of over a hundred renowned Slovenian artists, younger and older generations, and Slovenian commercial galleries also participate.

We have been trying to connect diverse artistic actors for six years. Over the course of five years, various experts from the art world socialized, collaborated and exchanged knowledge and experience with us, including curator Tevž Logar, gallerist Dejan Sluga, Breda Kolar Sluga, director of the Maribor Art Gallery, producer Dejan Pestotnik, curator and art critic Brane Kovič , gallerist and curator Piera Ravnikar, art historian Polona Lovšin (presentation of the Riko Art Collection) and art market expert, art critic, curator and writer, head of visual arts Matucane 100 in Santiago de Chile, Paco Barragan. Last year, art appraisers also joined us: Aleksander Bassin, Milena Koren Božiček, Bine Kovačič, Ferdinand Šerbelj, Milena Zlatar and Nada Zoran, only Franc Obal was missing.

Just like every year, we will be joined this year by well-known Maribor gallerists Galerija Žula (Peter Žula), Galerija M-ART (Matej Može) and Galerija Hest (Emil Šarkanj), Primož Premzl Kabinet Premzl, SLOART gallery - gallery and auction house from Ljubljana, Equrn Gallery (Arne Brejc), Photo Gallery (Barbara Čeferin), Photon Gallery (Dejan Sluga), ZALA Gallery (Branko Volker) and LALA Gallery (Boris Žbona), Antikvitete Gallery (Franci Novak) and Robin Gallery from Murska Sobota.

Links to Slovenian sales galleries:

Galerija Antikvitete Novak:

Galerija Equrna:

Galerija Fotografija:

Galerija Photon:

SLOART – galerija in dražbena hiša:

Galerija Žula:

Galerija M-ART:

Galerija Hest:

Galerija ZALA:

Galerija Robin:

About the 2020 program

Special Offer:
Free submission of artwork for protection for an indefinite but limited time.

Janez Kardelj,
Anti-natural hogwash with Jewelian, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 100 cm

The artifact was created at the time when Julian Assange was expelled from the political asylum he was granted at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He was later abducted from the asylum by the British police and imprisoned in the maximum security Belmarsh prison in London. A rigged first-instance trial is now underway to extradite Julian Assange to the United States.

This image symbolically shares Assange's fate. He is currently in his second consecutive location and needs a new asylum. The future curator (custodian) gets the painting for free in temporary possession. He will be with him until Julian Assange is free or until a new guardian is appointed. He will contractually undertake not to publicly display, sell or sublease the painting. He will promise to treat her like a good master.

Since the painting has a burdensome effect on the people who come into contact with it (just like Assange), it can (and is recommended) be locked up periodically or permanently in a depot, attic, basement... provided that it can provide suitable climatic conditions there. If, for any reason, he is no longer able to manage the project, he must notify the author or the author's pre-determined authorized representatives in a timely manner. The need for guardianship automatically ceases on the day Julian Assange is acquitted of all charges. At that time, the painting will again assume its systemic functions (exhibition exhibit, commodity, property, aesthetic object, object of fascination...)

Best regards, Janez Kardelj

PROGRAM of the online art fair - ART-MUS 2020

Artists were invited to participate in videos from studios with male and female artists within the framework of art – MUS

Video conversations with gallerists, experts, art appreciators,...

On our art-MUS website you can also view two online exhibitions by Živko Marušič and Uroš Weinberger (link).

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