ARCHIVE: ART-MUS: An art fair and celebration of artistic expression that connects and inspires

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 9th edition of the ART-MUS art fair, which will be held in the heart of Ljubljana, in the premises of Circulation 2 in the Ajdovščina 2 Underpass. The fair will take place from 17 to 23 December, every day between 9.00 and 19.00.

This unique event highlights a wide range of artistic talent from Slovenia. ART-MUS Fair is an opportunity to experience an unforgettable journey through artistic creations. From painting to sculpture, photography to printmaking, artists present a wide range of artistic expressions, each piece telling its own story, reflecting a uniqueness, passion and depth that is the result of exceptional creativity and visionary originality.

More than 100 artists will be present at the fair, whose work can already be admired on our website This is an opportunity to get to know their work before the official opening of the fair.

This year ART-MUS will host more than 100 outstanding artists. You can already explore their work on our website, where you can get a preview of what we have to offer at the fair. This year we are also organising an art auction again. The event will be hosted by the renowned artist and experienced auctioneer Goran Medjugorac - Gogi. The auction will take place on 22 December at 17:00 in Podhodu Ajdovščina, where you will have the opportunity to acquire unforgettable artworks for your collection.

Don't miss this one-week art event, especially as it takes place just before the Christmas and New Year holidays. Join us and discover the artworks that will make your holidays even more special! 

Experience art in all its beauty at ART-MUS.

You are cordially invited!


The POP UP art-MUS online sales event on the occasion of Prešeren Day is taking place for the third year in a row. This time we are also offering a special POP UP offer of Slovenian contemporary artworks, which you can order on Prešeren Day, 8 February 2023, with a 10% discount at 

We promote and present over a hundred Slovenian artists on our website.

So we start on Wednesday, 8 February 2023, and then we "click" all through February, the month of culture.

Welcome to the virtual world (on the web)!

Archive: SLOVENE ARTISTS pop up 8 - 25 March 2023

Between 8 and 25 March, International Women's Day and Mother's Day, a special online sales event for art lovers will take place. Slovenian women artists will present their latest works of art, created as an expression of their creativity and their desire to express their views on the world.

The sales event will take the form of a pop-up online sale, which will be open to visitors for a limited time only. Between 8 and 25 March, visitors will be able to visit the website: https://art-mus.siin to see artworks by renowned Slovenian artists. The artworks will be available for purchase, a unique opportunity for those who want to brighten up their home with a unique piece of art.

The sale event will showcase works of different styles and techniques, so everyone will be able to find something they like.

The pop-up online sales event of artworks by Slovenian female artists will be a great opportunity for everyone who wants to discover new talents and connect with creative individuals. It will also be a great opportunity to buy a unique piece of art that will brighten up your home and make it even more special.

ARCHIVE: Online summer art MUS art fair at

Offer from Slovenian artists!

Enjoy the diversity and talent of Slovenian artists and art, which will pleasantly brighten up your summer.

We present top artists and artists from Slovenia who express themselves through various artistic disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and more. Each artist is a special work that shows the extraordinary creativity and expressiveness of the artist or artists.

The MUS online summer art fair will host a virtual gallery offering, where you can admire the works of artists without restrictions and in the comfort of your home. The online platform gives you an interactive experience where you will be able to explore different artistic styles.

The offer to purchase the artwork will last until the end of the summer, so you will have plenty of time to view each piece of art and enjoy all their beauty. This event will be an ideal opportunity to learn about different artistic perspectives and discover new talents that enrich the Slovenian cultural scene.

Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in the inspiration and beauty of the works of art of Slovenian artists. The MUS online summer art fair is here to give you a unique art experience that will fill your summer with creativity and aesthetic pleasure.

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